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The FMG Translation Laboratory Services

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FMG Translation Laboratory
FMG Translation Laboratory
FMG Translation Laboratory


It offers the work of professional translators with many years of experience in the field of text translation.

Our services include:

  • - Technical translation from / into English
  • - Legal translation, translation of documents
  • - Website Translation
  • - Literary translation,
  • - Narrow focus text translation.
  • - Simultaneous interpretation during negotiations, trips, etc.
  • - Imposition of the text 1: 1 with the original,
  • - Learning foreign languages,

Free departure to the customer and others.

Other services:

  • - editing and layout of texts
  • - notarization of translations

Eight years of experience and an impeccable reputation allow our translation agency to provide high quality translation services at affordable and flexible rates. The output is text ready for any use. Stylistically crafted, with verified spelling.

Price list. Prices are quoted in rubles for 1800 characters with spaces for languages ​​with a Latin alphabet or for 600 characters. Asterisks indicate the general popularity of the language. In rare languages, the price may differ from the price indicated due to the ever-changing dollar exchange rate.

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Radio Advertising in Armenia

Radio advertising is the most effective advertising medium in Armenia today. Considering the unique capabilities of radio and proper media planning, very high efficiency can be achieved.

This is ensured by fairly low prices for radio advertising, where you can promote goods or services 100 percent.

If we add to this a unique offer and a high-efficiency radio commercial, then it is obvious that radio advertising is the most efficient tool and also the cheapest one.

Printing services

Our printing studio creates unique opportunities for our clients who need beautiful corporate envelopes or letterheads, who want to make a unique business gift or want to have clothes with the company logo at exhibitions.

A wide range of business souvenirs, T-shirts, pens, cups, flash drives, etc. which will create an effective company image. Here you can also order the design and printing of advertising business cards, flyers and booklets.

High-quality search engine promotion in Armenia and the CIS requires a certain set of measures. Depending on the region, the search engine, the characteristics of the site and the customer's business, promotion techniques differ.

More than 18 years of our experience will ensure you the best commercial result.