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Promotion Souvenirs

Full Advertising in Armenia
Full Advertising in Armenia
Full Advertising in Armenia

Promotion Souvenirs

Souvenirs are a manifold, qualitative and inexpensive way of purposeful advertising, they are an efficient tool for your sales increase. Presents are the most pleasant thing in the world. Everybody likes to get presents very much, irrespective of their sex, age or position. That’s why even a small present or souvenir can be an excellent possibility to remind of yourself and your Company, it will help to keep warm friendly relations with your partners or suppliers.

So, if you care about the Company image, if you want to ensure fame of the Company in the market, if you show interest to your partners, suppliers, clients, if you want to congratulate them on some holiday, if you prepare for holding an exhibition, conference or anniversary, we offer you a product, we make to order with your Company symbolism.

Types of souvenir production:

promotion souvenirs: inexpensive pens, lighters, trinkets, bottle-openers, badges, which are distributed during different mass events;

business souvenirs: pens and lighters, desk sets, organizers, record books, ash-trays, mugs — everything, which can be presented to the clients and distributed to the Company staff;

Presentation production: expensive lighters, watches, pens, gift sets from stone, leather, metal, wood — presents for solid partners.

The modern technologies allow to mark Company badges on almost any subjects and with any drawing up: from business souvenirs (folders, briefcases, organizers, plannings) and functional subjects (pens, lighters, trinkets, mugs, packs) to sports shirts, flags and transparencies. There are several ways of marking: printing (tampon printing, serigraphy, decol), embroidery, stamping, laser engraving.

To be remembered that the prime cost of one copy during a souvenir product printing decreases with edition increase, i.e. it is more profitable to order a big edition at once than print in addition by small batches, as required. Advertising on souvenirs is kindly perceived by people, it does not cause irritation and has a great duration. The fact of gift and gift receiving arouses positive emotions and promotes creation of a favorable atmosphere for business contacts

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Business card website development

A business card site is largely focused on small businesses. The number of its pages ranges from 1 to 10. In most cases, a business card consists of 2-6 pages. It consists of information describing the company, its contact details, descriptions of goods or services, other information (shares, certificates, licenses, etc.).

It is possible to describe one product or one service on a business card site. If you have a business card on the Internet, you can set up contextual advertising. One page is enough for this.

Website promotion in Armenia and the CIS

Website promotion in search engines is a measure aimed at a website, as a result of which it begins to be found by queries on the first pages of search results. The process necessarily includes the study of topics, analysis of the link profile, work with the semantic core and a number of other activities.

High-quality search engine promotion in Armenia and the CIS requires a certain set of measures. Depending on the region, the search engine, the characteristics of the site and the customer's business, promotion techniques differ.

More than 18 years of our experience will ensure you the best commercial result.