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MEDIA PLANNING | Advertising in Armenia

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Full Advertising in Armenia
Full Advertising in Armenia
Full Advertising in Armenia

MEDIA PLANNING | Advertising in Armenia

You decided to accommodate advertising in mass media, but you don’t know what, how much and at what time/period it is better to choose one or another means?!

- You want to draw up an optimal plan?!

In this case you should address us and we shall organize and perform investigations to study situation in the market and to analyze the obtained results. We draw up an optimal media plan based on the obtained data, as well as take into account the purposes set and the desired coverage of the target audience.


Final monitoring of advertising messages issue in mass media (radio, press, TV, Internet) with copies of newspapers, journals (accommodation in press), media plans (if accommodation was on radio and (or) TV). In our work we use a special program, which allows to speed-up and draw a media plan-program "OPTIMEDIA” more optimally.


You can get information about prices by electronic inquiry info@focusmediagroup.orf

Media Planning

Media planning is one of the most important tools of literate organization and carrying out of an advertising campaign. The idea of «mediaplanning» appeared in the midst of 1960s in the USA. In 1964, an American journalist and ad maker Roger Burton performed a number of researches aimed at enhancement of efficiency of the advertising campaigns being carried out by different companies. As a result of researches, it was found out that promotion of goods or services in the market is more efficient in case when a complex of marketing events is developed with account of the plan of work with media-channles.

Working with media-channels, by Burton, ment not just placement of advertisement, but development of a strategy allowing to use various means of mass information maximum successfully. So, the idea of media planning started gradually forming just in this way.

The media planning process consists of a number of solutions called to answer the question: How better it is to organize delivery of advertising to the supposed consumers of a certain trademark or service? To develop the best strategy within the frames of solution of this task, the media planning specialists form answers to the following questions:

  • - What scope of potential consumers of a trademark should be covered?
  • - How often the advertising should appear?
  • - What markets and regions the advertising will be oriented at?
  • - What is the optimal volume of the advertising budget required for investments in the advertising campaign?

A certain media strategy is developed during specification of these answers, which gives a basis for development of the advertising campaign plan.

The following documents are developed at the following stage, that is media planning:

  • - media-plan
  • - budget of the advertising campaign
  • - media imposition (calculation of efficiency of the advertising campaign)

The initial data for the media-plan are determined in the very beginning of development of a media strategy and include the data about the terms and geographic region of holding of the advertising campaign, the available budget, the target audience of the advertising, ect.

These data are contained in the media brief. As a rule, the media brief is drawn up by an advertising agency jointly with an advertiser at the contract signing stage.

Example of a media brief

  • - Budget -$ 20 000
  • - Campaign start date - July 1 2005
  • - Duration - 5 weeks
  • - Clip format- 15 sec
  • - Regional coverage- Yerevan
  • - Target audience- 18 - 55
  • - Media-plan delivery date - June 13

After the company receives a media brief, the media-preferences of the target audience are analysed, the channels for placement are chosen and, as a result, the client is offered several versions of holding of the campaign.

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Business card website development

A business card site is largely focused on small businesses. The number of its pages ranges from 1 to 10. In most cases, a business card consists of 2-6 pages. It consists of information describing the company, its contact details, descriptions of goods or services, other information (shares, certificates, licenses, etc.).

It is possible to describe one product or one service on a business card site. If you have a business card on the Internet, you can set up contextual advertising. One page is enough for this.

Website promotion in Armenia and the CIS

Website promotion in search engines is a measure aimed at a website, as a result of which it begins to be found by queries on the first pages of search results. The process necessarily includes the study of topics, analysis of the link profile, work with the semantic core and a number of other activities.

High-quality search engine promotion in Armenia and the CIS requires a certain set of measures. Depending on the region, the search engine, the characteristics of the site and the customer's business, promotion techniques differ.

More than 18 years of our experience will ensure you the best commercial result.