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Internet Advertising in Armenia

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Full Advertising in Armenia
Full Advertising in Armenia
Full Advertising in Armenia

Internet Advertising in Armenia | Advertising in Armenia

Advertising Agency "FOCUS MEDIA GROUP" offers its Clients a full range of services for the creation and promotion of projects on the Internet, including Web development and Internet marketing of both new and existing sites.

Constant contact with the owners of all actively visited resources of the Russian-speaking and Armenian-speaking Internet, systematic monitoring of the audience of various servers and Internet services, awareness of the development plans of both new Internet resources and well-known sites allow us to plan and carry out complex advertising campaigns as soon as possible on the Internet. And partnerships with most advertising sites - to carry out media buying on the most favorable conditions for the Client.

Our services can be divided into the following groups:

  • - website design (concept, structure, terms of reference)
  • - website layout


  • - concept development
  • - media planning
  • - development and production of advertising media
  • - advertising
  • - individual e-mail newsletter
  • - analysis of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign


  • - site registration in all relevant search engines and directories
  • - run on trust sites
  • - posting articles with links to your site
  • - run a site by profiles


  • - analysis of existing websites (design, structure, functionality)

Dear friends! For development, placement, media planning, analysis, SEO and SMM promotion, BTL and advertising monitoring in Armenia, please call 091 750075 or send a request by e-mail

Business card website development

A business card site is largely focused on small businesses. The number of its pages ranges from 1 to 10. In most cases, a business card consists of 2-6 pages. It consists of information describing the company, its contact details, descriptions of goods or services, other information (shares, certificates, licenses, etc.).

It is possible to describe one product or one service on a business card site. If you have a business card on the Internet, you can set up contextual advertising. One page is enough for this.

Website promotion in Armenia and the CIS

Website promotion in search engines is a measure aimed at a website, as a result of which it begins to be found by queries on the first pages of search results. The process necessarily includes the study of topics, analysis of the link profile, work with the semantic core and a number of other activities.

High-quality search engine promotion in Armenia and the CIS requires a certain set of measures. Depending on the region, the search engine, the characteristics of the site and the customer's business, promotion techniques differ.

More than 18 years of our experience will ensure you the best commercial result.