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Welcome to Focus Media Group

How nice that you have visited our page. We have been engaged in advertising and marketing in the Armenian and Artsakh market for over 16 years. We are ready to share our success and help you forget about competitors.

Hello i am Focus Media Group

We are open for communication and cooperation. Feel free to contact our company if you need high-quality and literate advertising in Armenia or comprehensive research of the goods and services market.

who we are

Dear Sirs! We welcome you in our web site! Our rallied team has been working successfully since 2003. So now we have a huge experience in creating and carrying out complex advertising campaigns in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia. Being a full-cycle Agency, the “Focus Media Group” Advertising Agency carries out a complex advertising service, offering its Clients the whole spectrum of marketing and advertising services, from conducting full-scale advertising campaigns with utilization of a great number of advertising means, to the advertising product creation. We try to avoid standard approaches in our work. Having considered each task of the Client as a unique one, we try to solve it not by routine methods. In fact, commercial success of advertising depend upon its singularity, freshness of decision and quality of its performance.

We can declare ourselves as professionals in the advertising field. We are sure that the main things in our work are honesty and decency. For this reason the most of our customers became not only our constant clients but also friends. There are no standard advertising campaigns for us. We create individual campaign for each client in view of many factors inherent in this client. Our pluses are mobility, efficiency and of course optimal prices.

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  • Industrial Marketing
  • Digital Monitoring
  • BTL & ATL
  • Translate Studio
  • WEB Studio & SEO
  • Sound PRO Studio

What are we doing

Despite the fact that our company is engaged in a wide profile of media works, there are areas that are priorities for us. This is our specialty!


Our company has thoroughly studied the advertising market of Armenia and Artsakh for more than 16 years, which allowed us to become a trusted partner for dozens of international companies and advise our clients from the USA to China.

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Proper advertising always requires a marketing tool that can provide key indicators for promoting products or services and increase the impact of advertising on the required market.

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For the implementation of a number of programs to promote the goods and services of our partners, we successfully use our own universal studio, where Internet Studio, Monitoring Studio and Video Studio are integrated.

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Advertising campaigns


Research Market




Advertising Production

"Focus Media Group" Internet Studio

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Web Design

Tradition of Excellence

Advertising in Armenia

Site registration in all relevant search engines and directories

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Advertising in Armenia

Run on trust sites

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Advertising in Armenia

Posting articles with links to your site

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Advertising in Armenia

Run of the website on profiles

Tradition of Excellence

Advertising in Armenia

Conducting Avertising Campaigns

Tradition of Excellence

Advertising in Armenia

FMG Team

Our small team loves their work and we are happy to do our job!

Ashkhen Mnatsakanyan

Director CEO

Arthur Azaryan


Naira Arakelyan


Ingrid Azaryan

Assistant director

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear friends! Below we present to you the most popular questions regarding cooperation with FMG. If you still have questions, write in the right form and we will definitely answer them as we receive them.

To place advertisements on radio stations in Armenia, you need to contact the "FMG" company, where you will be offered all the existing possibilities, a list of radio stations, tariffs, as well as a radio commercial and a media plan. If necessary, the radio station's air will also be monitored. Contact phone +37491 750075

To place your advertisement on TV in Armenia, you need to contact "FMG" company, where you will be presented with the best placement options according to the customer's requirements, as well as a video clip and a media plan. If necessary, the broadcast of the TV company will also be monitored. Contact phone +37491 750075

If you need to create your own corporate or personal website, feel free to contact the laboratory of the "FMG" company, where they will be happy to start creating an effective website according to your requirements. Contact phone +37491 750075

The specialists of the laboratory of the company "FMG" are ready to evaluate your site, its errors, as well as to make optimization, after which you can start promoting in the global Internet. Website promotion and optimization will allow you to rise in the search queries of Google, Yandex, Yayu and Bing. This will improve the performance of your Web Site. Contact phone +37491 750075

Focus Media Group has created an opportunity for companies to create their own mini-site, which implements the capabilities of the Gallery, Video Gallery, Company News with the placement of Tenders, Vacancies, Price lists, contact details, location map, etc. The cost ranges from $ 1 per month to $ 3. Annual package. You can get acquainted here Phone for contacts +37491 750075

Focus Media Group has created a unique B2B catalog-store where about 100K organizations are registered and goods and products of more than 700K names are presented. You can add your Company or Products and Services at the following link Hurry to take your place in the worldwide B2B catalog-store. There is a possibility of free registration. Contact phone +37491 750075

Your Questions

Our Works

Dear friends, below are the information resources developed by our company and in great demand. It is a powerful advertising engine for promoting products and services.


World News Server

FMG.NEWS - (International Server of News) - modern independent media resource, available around the clock news from around the world, as well as the most interesting stories and articles. The whole world on one site. FMG.NEWS - only top news.

Business Book

Trade & SEO Portal

International catalog of goods, services and prices, integrated with the promotion system, CEO and CMM. There are more than 140,000 companies in the system. They are represented by product galleries, videos, contact details, price lists and tenders.


Armenian News Agency

A mobile news agency with its own character. Lurer.Top - Russian-language information resource of the Caucasus. The resource belongs to Focus Media Group. The whole range of fresh news and analytics from the seething region in Russian, without slander and hatred.


Yerevan City Portal

City portal dedicated to Yerevan, where the streams of city news, a catalog of firms, offers of the real estate and car market have merged. There is a lot of important and necessary information for tourists. It's easy with us!

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small peol always do that.

Brayden Shar

United Trade B2B Portal

In 2014, FMG created the United B2B Trade Portal, which consists of a catalog of companies and a trading platform. More than 100,000 companies from all over the world and more than 700,000 trade offers are registered on the resource. Almost all countries of Europe, USA, Canada, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Artsakh, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, UAE, Georgia, China and South Korea are represented in the resource.

Business Book - B2B Directory

In the catalog section, visitors can get acquainted with the data of the company of interest, such as contact information, address, management, branches, announced tenders, vacancies, offered goods or services, and also see the company's mini-site.

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Business Book - B2B Store

In the B2B section of the trading platform, there are hundreds of thousands of offers from more than 100,000 companies for every taste, from lighters, honey jars to modern programmable machines and aircraft. Sell your product or service using our platform.

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Business Book - Marketing

The BB platform allows you to conduct effective advertising and marketing campaigns, including banner ads, photo and video galleries, your own mini-site, which are indexed by such search engines as Google, Yandex, Yahoo! and Bing.

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Partners and clients of our company

Partners and clients of our company who have cooperated with us for over 15 years! Thank you for your trust!