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BTL - Below The Line

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Full Advertising in Armenia
Full Advertising in Armenia
Full Advertising in Armenia

BTL - Below The Line | Advertising in Armenia

Your goods are of high quality and you are sure that having tasted it only once, the Client is yours forever?!

There are many similar goods on the shop shelves and you would like to mark out your commodity and make the customers to buy just that one. You produce new goods and wish not only to introduce the novelty to the customer, but also to know his opinion about it. You would like your commodity was talked about and those, wishing to taste it stood on a queue?

In this case we offer you an interesting, dynamic and efficient promotion.

You address us and we:

  • - Analyze market segments, on which your commodity or service comes out
  • - Develop an optimal mechanism and plan of action conducting
  • - Assist in the selection and coordination of most efficient places for the action conducting
  • - Design the action conducting places
  • - Organize the action support in mass media
  • - Carry out casting (selection) and training of the promo-personnel
  • - Develop and produce a uniform for the action personnel
  • - Plan and optimize the personnel work schedule


Carry out the action control. Present a report (with photo- and video materials) upon action completion.

Taking into account peculiarities of your product, business aims and tasks, we offer to organize the following kinds of promo-actions:

  • - Tasting
  • - Sampling (distribution of your product samples, leaflets with information about your product and actions conditions, etc.)
  • - Product demonstration (presentation)
  • - Stimulation of purchases (plays for prizes, handling of presents during purchasing, etc.)

The product promotion can be directed at both ultimate consumer and at retailer/wholesaler. To achieve the best results and to assure the product final sales growth, it is necessary to stimulate its promotion along the whole trade chain: Individual approach to each Client and experience of our Agency staff allow to achieve the best results!

A specially trained personnel acquaints the target audience with your product, its flavouring qualities, properties, peculiarities and those wonderful qualities, which make the product necessary for them.

Conducting places:

It is not necessary to be attached to the sale places, but it is important to mention the product approximate cost and where it can be purchased.

Dear friends! For development, placement, media planning, analysis, SEO and SMM promotion, BTL and advertising monitoring in Armenia, please call 091 750075 or send a request by e-mail

Business card website development

A business card site is largely focused on small businesses. The number of its pages ranges from 1 to 10. In most cases, a business card consists of 2-6 pages. It consists of information describing the company, its contact details, descriptions of goods or services, other information (shares, certificates, licenses, etc.).

It is possible to describe one product or one service on a business card site. If you have a business card on the Internet, you can set up contextual advertising. One page is enough for this.

Website promotion in Armenia and the CIS

Website promotion in search engines is a measure aimed at a website, as a result of which it begins to be found by queries on the first pages of search results. The process necessarily includes the study of topics, analysis of the link profile, work with the semantic core and a number of other activities.

High-quality search engine promotion in Armenia and the CIS requires a certain set of measures. Depending on the region, the search engine, the characteristics of the site and the customer's business, promotion techniques differ.

More than 18 years of our experience will ensure you the best commercial result.