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Goals and Mission of "Focus Media Group"

The goal of the Focus Media Group Center for Advertising Initiatives is to provide a full range of commercial and information services in the field of advertising and marketing to companies in Armenia and abroad, create brands and / or trademarks, direct consumer behavior and influence it in accordance with customer tasks . Creating a competitive image, creating a favorable public opinion. Development of large-scale strategies for advertising companies, which includes an optimal set of marketing communications.

The Center for Advertising Initiatives Focus Media Group, in addition to professional activities in the field of advertising and marketing, is also involved in the development and maintenance of large Internet projects, including the International Business Book Catalog of Goods and Services ( and the FMG News Agency FMG.NEWS, Internet Radio Station "FOCUS WEB FM" and Internet TV Channel "FOCUS WEB FM". We make your business efficient and prosperous.

To meet the goals and objectives, FMG has created the following departments.

18 years in the Advertising Market

There is always a large selection of offers.

Competent and attentive team

Guaranteed sales growth

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Frequently Asked Questions about FMG

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Focus Media Group Advertising Agency is an independent full-cycle advertising agency that brought together in January 2003 experienced professionals involved in media planning and production of advertising media, which allows customers to provide a comprehensive solution to advertising problems.

Mission: Formation of a positive attitude of society to advertising and promotional activities.

Goal: Entering the international level of conducting advertising campaigns

Submitting to the main goal, the Focus Media Group advertising agency solves the following tasks: Selection for the customer of those advertising services and solutions that will meet his interests and contribute to the prosperity of his business;

The use of modern technology and European standards in advertising services to customers and partners.

Advertising agency Focus Media Group follows the basic principles:

Our advertising agency does not seek to receive any advertising order. This suggests that we respect ourselves and those customers that we already have.

Our advertising agency is ready to fulfill the order at any cost. This means that if we undertake its implementation, it is important for us what consequences the (non) implementation will entail.

Our advertising agency follows the tradition, but is open to innovation. It is important for us to keep abreast of the trends in the advertising market.

  • 1. Experience in the advertising market of Armenia. The specialists of our advertising agency are people who have been engaged in media planning and have been working in advertising for over fifteen years. Every day solving diverse problems is a serious foundation for the success of your advertising campaign.
  • 2. Own equipped production. This is a team of highly professional sound and video directors, designers and constructors of advertising, technologists and installers, screenwriters and marketers, which allows us to carry out advertising projects of any complexity for you efficiently and on time.
  • 3. Reputation. Our advertising agency cares about its reputation and the reputation of those with whom we work.

We establish understanding between the Client (its Brands) and Consumers, understanding the goals and objectives of the Client and understanding the needs of Consumers.

Mutual understanding is a "cement” that holds together any joint activity. Therefore, we are confident that by creating understanding through communication, we solve the problems facing the Client and make the Client happy. After all, as you know, "happiness is when you are understood."

We make our Clients and their Consumers happy by building mutual understanding. But we are not a good luck amulet. Our responsibility for other people's happiness requires us to work hard every day.

And we have something to be proud of. We are a team of professionals who have gained experience in international cooperation and knowledge of the specifics of the Russian market in order to make our customers happy.

After all, Clients' interests are above all for us.

  • NAME: LLC "Viagra TOUR" TM "Focus Media Group"
  • TIN - 01233847
  • ADDRESS - RA Yerevan-0054, Davidashen - 4, Tigran Petrosyan Avenue 10 sq. 34
  • DIRECTOR - Mnacakanyan Ashkhen
  • Account in AMD- 16048525431400
  • Account in USD- 16048525432200
  • Accountin RUR - 16048122543300
  • BANK - "VTB - Armenia" CJSC
  • PHONE +(374 91) 750075

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